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SmartGraft - Smart Choice

SmartGraft is the newest innovation in hair transplant procedures. There are significant advancements with the SmartGraft when compared to similar devices. The major advancement is the introduction of the first and only “closed harvesting system.” This new method is revolutionizing the way physicians will now be performing minimally invasive hair restoration procedures.

Individual grafts from the donor area are gently removed using a suction assisted rotating cannula and are directly transported to an environmentally controlled (temperature, moistness and light) storage canister, all in one movement of the physician’s hand.

SmartGraft - Be Confident

While awaiting transplantation in the holding canister, the grafts are kept most and robust by frequent showers of sterile solution. Utilizing a “state of the art” circulating cooling system exclusive to the SmartGraft, our doctor can control the temperature of grafts, keeping them cold while waiting transplantation.

Preliminary observation suggests that graft yields may be superior using this technology. By automating the procedure process and eliminating many unnecessary manual steps including manual extraction, the time required for this minimally invasive procedure is less than half the time of other techniques and devices. This time savings along with the extremely efficient “closed harvesting system,” allow the grafts to remain more pristine and robust prior to transplantation.

By eliminating the multiple use of forceps tugging, pressing and pulling on each graft during harvesting and collection, we reduce the risk of damaging the follicles giving them the best chance of optimum regrowth. The procedure itself is a minimally invasive procedure where by individual follicular units containing 1-4 hairs are extracted from the back of the scalp via the SmartGraft system. Our patients experience little to no pain and there is no visible linear scar when compared to the “strip procedure”.

Patients can usually resume normal activity within 48 hours excluding strenuous exercise when done via SmartGraft. We incorporate all the latest techniques in hairline design to ensure your transplant will look natural, after all, as you know, the best transplants are the ones you cannot tell are transplants.

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