Eyebrow Transplant Boca Raton

With age, eyebrows can become thin and sparse. They can also be casualties of aggressive plucking or even disease and trauma. Thankfully, the same techniques that restore hair to the scalp can be used to restore the full, natural appearance of your eyebrows.

The Procedure

A very small strip of hair is removed from an inconspicuous donor area on the scalp. Dr. Charles and his staff dissects the strip into grafts of just one or two hairs. He then places the hairs into tiny incisions where hair is desired. The hairs are placed with precision so they grow in the correct direction and at the same angle as the surrounding hair.

Over the next few months, the new hairs will shed (this is completely normal) and then grow back. Because the transplanted hairs came from the scalp, they’ll continue to grow and occasional trimming will be required to keep them at the right length.

Eyebrow Transplant Before And After Photos

charles medical

charles medical

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