Microscopic Hair Transplants Boca Raton

Microscopic Follicular Unit Transplantation Is Transplantation That Uses Nature As A Guide!

How Hair Grows

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Hair grows naturally on the scalp in clusters of 1, 2, 3, or 4 hairs. These naturally occurring groups are called FOLLICULAR UNITS (FU).

Charles Medical Group technicians separate hair follicles using high powered microscopes producing the highest yield of grafts possible and giving you the most hair density available during your procedure.

How We Replace Hair

  • With Follicular Unit Transplantation, microscopes are used for precise and efficient dissection of the donor strip down to 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-hair groupings, in preparation for hair transplant surgery.
  • Each individual follicular unit is relocated to the thinning recipient site-one naturally occurring follicular unit at a time.

Donor Supply

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The average donor area (hair on the side and back of the head) yields 4000-8000 follicular units that are available to be moved to the male pattern area. The patient’s hair density determines the exact number of donor hair available to be moved in consideration for a hair transplant.

Low = 4,000
Moderate = 6,000
High = 8,000

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Characteristics of the donor hair determine the effectiveness of the hair that is relocated to the male pattern area include:

  • Color of hair
  • Coarseness
  • Wavy Pattern
  • Density


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The area of demand (male pattern area) consists of two halves- frontal and crown. Higher priority is placed on the frontal half because of its cosmetic significance and the limited donor area. If the frontal half is bald, or goes bald, it will require a range of 2000-5000 follicular units to be re-established during hair transplant surgery

The characteristics of the patient’s donor hair (density, color, coarseness and wave pattern) and goals for density will determine the exact number of follicular units transplanted.

After a Charles Medical Group Microscopic Hair Transplantation Procedure, your hair line will look natural and virtually undetectable.

During his 15 year career, Dr. Charles has performed more than 5,000 hair transplant surgeries. His vast experience with hair transplant procedures along with continued updating of techniques has allowed him to provide unbelievably natural results for his patients. It is because of this “Patient Comes First” attitude that Dr. Charles has built a successful hair transplant practice and is known as the doctor who is down to earth while providing “Top Notch” and “Gold Standard” hair transplantation surgery for his patients.