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Propecia (generic name finasteride) was originally developed to treat enlarged prostate, but a side effect among men taking this drug was a regrowth of hair in balding areas with numerous fine, thin hairs.It works by preventing the conversion of testosterone into DHT, which in turn is linked to the development of male pattern baldness.

The benefits of Propecia, taken in pill form, continue only as long as the medication is being taken.


Rogaine (generic name minoxidil) is a topical treatment that works by increasing the blood supply to the hair follicles. This vasodilator was originally prescribed in pill form to treat high blood pressure. When patients taking the drug discovered its effect on baldness, Upjohn Corporation produced a lotion designed to stimulate hair growth.


Laser energy has also proven to be among the best non-surgical hair replacement options, and both the devices Charles Medical Group offers for delivering this energy are portable and easy to use.

One, the LaserCap, is available at fewer than 100 locations nationwide, and Dr. Glenn Charles was one of the first hair replacement specialists to recognize its effectiveness.

The LaserCap unit works on battery power. A user wears a comfortable cap that has 224 individual lasers that deliver low level laser therapy over the entire scalp. The cap can be worn under a hat, cap, or scarf, and is discreet enough to be used at work or at home, while driving, or watching TV.

Using this device three to four times a week, for about 30 minutes each session, this non-surgical hair restoration option can help men and women to achieve fuller, more luxuriant hair regrowth.

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The LaserCap is suitable for both men and women with receding hairlines or thinning, balding areas on the scalp. Its concentrated light energy can also accelerate healing for hair transplant patients following surgery. It can be used in conjunction with topical and systemic hair restoration treatments like minoxidil and finasteride.

While young men in the beginning stages of male pattern baldness seem to be the best candidates for success, the LaserCap seems to provide good results for women of all ages experiencing hair loss.

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