ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplant System Boca Raton

ARTAS®: Advanced Robotics Enhances Hair Restoration Surgery

Hair restoration surgery is one of the most recent procedures to benefit from the advances made possible by robotic assistance.

Glenn M. Charles, DO, founder of the Charles Medical Group, is one of the nation’s top specialists in hair restoration surgery. He is the first surgeon in Florida to put the ARTAS® procedure, developed by Restoration™ Robotic, to work for his patients.

“ARTAS® advances hair restoration surgery by helping me select and harvest hair follicles with greater precision,” says Dr. Charles. “It produces consistently natural-looking outcomes with minimal discomfort, shortened recovery times, a nearly undetectable donor area and no linear scar.”

How does it work?

ARTAS® combines sophisticated imaging technology with precision robotics to facilitate Follicular Unit Excision, the most advanced approach to hair transplantation available. ARTAS® selects specific hair follicles for harvesting and transplantation to receptor sites, offering a highly intuitive operation that makes it easier for hair transplant surgeons to master its use.

  • First, the donor area is trimmed, making it easier to access targeted donor follicles.
  • A skin tensioner is placed on the trimmed donor area to keep the skin taut and facilitate harvesting.
  • The ARTAS® high-resolution visualization targets follicular units for harvesting using a proprietary algorithm that maps location, distribution, and direction and angle of hair growth.
  • The image-guided robotic arm manipulates a two-needle system that compensates for involuntary patient movements. The inner needle scores the skin, while the dissecting punch separates the follicular unit from the surrounding tissue.
  • Gentle suction is used to partially lift the dissected graft away from the scalp, so the targeted follicle can be removed with forceps.
  • Harvested grafts are manually transplanted to the planned receptor sites.

Artas® Robotic Hair Transplant System

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Why choose ARTAS® hair restoration?

  • ARTAS® offers a quicker recovery time than other hair transplant options.
  • Because it does not require surgical removal of a continuous strip of scalp to secure donor hair follicles, it requires no scalpel or sutures, and result in no noticeable linear scar.
  • It offers higher yields of viable transplanted grafts compared to manual FUE methods, in a procedure that requires less time.
  • ARTAS® offers permanent hair restoration results that look absolutely natural.

ARTAS® Hair Transplant Before and After Photos

Patient 1

ARTAS Hair Gallery Patient 1

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Surgeon: Dr. Glenn Charles
Description:Before and 8 months after 1500 FUE grafts performed by the ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplant System.

Patient 2

ARTAS Hair Gallery Patient 1

ARTAS Hair Gallery Patient 1

Surgeon: Dr. Glenn Charles
Description:922 grafts – Age: 22

Patient 3

ARTAS Hair Gallery Patient 1

ARTAS Hair Gallery Patient 1

Surgeon: Dr. Glenn Charles
Quote:1135 grafts – Age: 45

Patient 4

ARTAS Hair Gallery Patient 1

ARTAS Hair Gallery Patient 1

Surgeon: Dr. Glenn Charles
Description:49 yrs. old Male who had (1) surgery FUE ARTAS® (2450 grafts) Before & 1 year post-op.

Patient 5

ARTAS Hair Gallery Patient 1

ARTAS Hair Gallery Patient 1

Surgeon: Dr. Glenn Charles
Description:40 Year Old Male Before & 1 year after 2148 FUE ARTAS® grafts performed by ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplant System.

What are the advantages of the ARTAS® robotic system?

ARTAS® avoids some common pitfalls of other motorized FUE excision devices, resulting in improved graft quality and increased hair growth yield.

It uses less tension and torsion than other methods, and cuts to a depth of 4mm, leaving a fat pad around extracted grafts that protects the grafts from trauma and increases the likelihood of successful, viable transplantation.

Because of its speed and precision, ARTAS® allows hair transplant surgeons to harvest between 900 and 1,200 follicular units/hour with transection (failure) rates as low as 8%.

ARTAS’s excision software determines the desired orientation, angle, and direction of each follicular unit, and avoids harvesting too many follicles from a specific donor area. This results in a dramatic reduction in visible scarring.

ARTAS’s ease of use reduces the risks of human error and fatigue.