ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant Advantages Boca Raton

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Treating male pattern baldness has quickly become one of the most desired aesthetic procedures. Over the course of the past -several years demand for hair restoration has grown by a significant amount/percentage.

The increased demand for hair loss restoration using the newer FUE (Follicular Unit Excision) technique has been hard to meet due to the complexity of the procedures and the time involved in performing these treatments.

The solution? The ARTAS® System!

ARTAS® technology was designed and developed to alleviate the time-consuming and inaccurate previous methods of FUE hair restoration.

The ARTAS® System is a robot assisted, image guided system which provides the most precise and accurate method available to harvest FUE grafts. The ARTAS® System enables Dr. Glenn Charles to consistently harvest follicular unit grafts with control and precision that is beyond any existing method of FUE.

The ARTAS® System is FDA approved, provides the patient with an improved treatment experience, virtually undetectable donor sites, faster recovery time, and more impressive results.