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Natural, Safe, and Effective… “Nanozome” Therapies are available… Feel good Now!

Our clinic and Dr. Charles is focusing on Nanozome Therapeutics. Nanozomes are micro DNA particles which include Exosomes. This is an advancement to Stem Cell therapy.  Stem Cells work by releasing Exosomes as nano particle messengers to create cell regeneration.

Exosomes work faster and are more efficacious than stem cells.

They are also safer than stem cells because stem cells contain DNA. Nanozome exosomes contain no DNA. Nanozomes could be described as heat seeking missiles looking for weak cells to enhance, protect and regenerate. Our “Nanozome” protocols utilize Organicell Flow. Flow consists of the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, 300 Growth Factors, cytokines, chemokines and over 400,000,000,000 exosomes per CC.

Customized protocols are used in combination with other regenerative therapies. These protocols prepare the terrain of your body before and after treatment for long-term success.

Let us help you prevent, protect, and recover from viral challenges at this time.



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Immune Boost

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  • Organicell Flow
  • Fermented Ginseng
  • Quantum Nasal Spray

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Nanozome Therapeutics with Organicell Flow

Nanozome Therapeutics with Organicell FlowOrganicell Flow contains a natural collection of growth factors and exosomes that are derived from the perinatal environment. This harnesses the power of both epithelial cell and mesenchymal stem cells. Flow includes Hyaluronic acid, 300+ Growth Factors and 400,000,000,000 Exosomes per CC. This natural product will travel through the entire body signaling and directing cell rejuvenation and regeneration.

What benefits can you expect? Your body will have a reduction of inflammation which is fundamental to immune health and reduction of pain. It will protect and strengthen cells and the improved mitochondrial function will create whole body energy and healing. Your improved immune system function will protect you from bacterial and viral infection. Your improvement in blood flow allows a perfusion of nutrients and blood to all of your vital organs. Your cell signaling pathways will improve fighting the overall effects of aging. This will continue in your body over several months.

Fermented Ginseng

Fermented GinsengQCM Fermented Ginseng is a unique fully balanced ginseng that does not use high heat in processing and has 4 patents on an enzyme fermentation which provided 15 times increased absorption. It supports the Autonomic Nervous System creating Homeostatic balance, which is required for the body to heal and have strong immunity.

It assists in optimizing the body’s ability to resist fatigue, stress, and trauma. This supports nonspecific resistance to biochemical and physical stressors. You will experience smooth energy and mental clarity.  Feeling mentally and physically in balance you will have improved ability to manage stress. There are many clinical studies showing that Ginseng is antiviral and anti-bacterial. Some scientists believe that high levels of Ginseng use is one of the reasons that COVID19 had far less impact in Korea.

Quantum Nasal Spray

“QNS” Quantum Nasal Spray “Immune Protect” is designed to enhance immunity, cellular hydration and oxygen absorption. QNS has 3 key ingredients: proprietary Angstrom Ionic Zinc and Angstrom Ionic Silver combined with a proprietary Lysozymatic Enzyme formula.

Zinc and Silver are a synergistic combination to support the immune system. Combined with the lysozymatic enzymes, these ingredients have been shown to be anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal agents.

Quantum Nasal SprayIonic Zinc helps with gene expression, enzyme functions, and to prevent infection. It is used in cell growth, cell division, and wound healing. Ionic zinc, based on its electrical charge, has the ability to exert an antiviral effect by attaching to the receptors in nasal epithelial cells and blocking the viral effects. Silver has been shown effective as an antiviral and antibacterial.  When a virus has invaded a cell, Silver interrupts the invaded cell’s ability to form the chemical bonds essential to survival of the virus, thereby killing the viral cell.

Viral infections develop from the nasal cavity. This is exactly what happens with COVID19. It enters the body and congregates looking to take over the host cells, and then spreading. QNS Quantum Nasal Spray “Immune Protect” has a remarkable effect to immune potentiate your cells in your nasal cavity. This makes it difficult for the virus to enter these cells preventing growth and replication.

Contact Charles Medical Group today to schedule your Nanozome Therapies complimentary consultation. Dr. Glen Charles has been serving the areas of Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Del Ray Beach for years and is a pioneer in hair transplant surgery. If you are looking to restore lost or thinning hair, schedule your free consultation today!

Improved cell function allows you to become a younger you!


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