Pricing Options

Hair Transplant Cost & Financing

Due to the fact that hair replacement is not an exact science, there is some degree of estimating. Often, Dr. Charles will think of the worst-case scenario combined with age, degree of hair loss and what the patient is looking to accomplish to determine a treatment plan which includes: medication (Rogaine and Propecia), low-level laser (increasing the diameter of blood vessels and blood flow supply) and hair transplantation surgery (isolating groups of natural hair on the patient and inserting them in areas where hair growth has stopped).

Dr. Charles offers a free evaluation to each patient before taking the next step. Our pricing is based upon a certain degree of counseling which is necessary to understand where the patient is coming from both physically and emotionally, including their feelings about hair loss in general. Regardless, patients should consider all options and choose the procedure that will provide the most natural-looking hair replacement that is not detectable. Variables such as which procedure is best for the patient and how many grafts the patient will need determine the amount of the investment. Dr. Charles offers a range of financing options, including interest-free payment plans.

With these costs in mind, we recommend choosing one of the following financing options for your hair transplantation procedure.

Provider: LendingClub

Description: LendingClub offers payment plans that are an economical alternative to most personal loans and credit cards. LendingClub offers a user-friendly website and experienced customer care specialists.

There are no annual fees or pre-payment penalties with LendingClub.

Contact Information: 1-888-596-3157 |

Provider: CareCredit

Description: With CareCredit you can get the cosmetic surgery you want, when you want it. Enjoy low monthly payments, have a resource for any additional surgery you’d like without having to reapply, and pay no annual fees or prepayment penalties. With CareCredit you can schedule treatment right away.

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