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Minimally Invasive Treatment – Boca Raton Hair Graft

Many hair-restoration techniques involve surgery, which brings with it increased risk and downtime. Why undergo surgery when you don’t have to? Instead, try the ARTAS Hair Transplant System, an effective minimally invasive treatment option. The time it takes to harvest follicle grafts with ARTAS is shorter than that of surgical techniques, in part due to […]

Male Pattern Baldness – Boca Raton Hair Loss

Male pattern baldness, also known as hereditary androgenetic alopecia, is a condition characterized by hair miniaturization. Hair miniaturization is a decline in the length and diameter of the hair over time. It affects hair at the top of the head, at the hairline, and at the crown. After this decline in hair health, the hairs […]

Female Hair Transplant – Women Boca Raton Grafting

Though hair loss is often perceived as a male issue, it’s important to recognize that women also experience unwanted hair loss. Female hair transplant procedures are becoming more and more popular every year. A female hair transplant takes into account the considerations unique to women’s hair. Women often come in with the goal to combat […]

Follicular Unit Excision — Boca Raton Restoration

About 35 million men and 21 million women suffer from hair loss in the United States alone. Men who deal with this problem are all too familiar with hiding underneath a baseball hat. Now patients can enjoy a full head of natural hair without any cutting or invasive surgeries. Follicular Unit Excision is the first […]

Robotic Harvesting – Hair Follicles Boca Raton

Patients who are experiencing hair loss and are interested in regaining that full head of hair come into our office for ARTAS hair transplantation. Our hair transplantation is efficient and effective due in part to our robotic harvesting technology. Robotic harvesting is a hair-graft-harvesting method that involves the use of ARTAS technology. Thanks to its […]

Facial Hair Transplant Boca Raton

The loss of hair is traumatic whether it is on the head or the face and can make a person feel self-conscious, have lowered self-confidence, and just feel not quite themselves. The Facial Hair Transplant Boca Raton has helped many people achieve facial hair restoration after beards, mustaches or sideburns have been damaged due to […]

Hair Transplant – Fact Vs Fiction

Dr. Glenn Charles answers a Hair Transplant Fact or Fiction question: Do I need to take a week off or more of work after surgery?

Hair Transplant – Fact Vs Fiction

Dr. Glenn Charles answers a Hair Transplant Fact or Fiction question: Is FUE a scar-less surgery?

Simple & Effective Hair Loss Treatments

With some new scientific advances, you would think that by now there should be some cure for hair loss in both sexes. That notion is unfortunately wrong. There has not been a great breakthrough in reversal of hair loss in recent years. There are very effective treatments but they are not revolutionary. Hair loss treatment […]

Are More Black Woman Suffering Hair Loss?

Female hair loss occurs in all races. However, recently Dermatologists reports African American women in particular seem to be a growing trend. Why is that? A simple answer would be the extensive styles like extensions, braids and weaves as well as the styling aids used to create the look. Typically women who begin to lose […]

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