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Long-Lasting Hair Growth – Boca Raton Hair Transplant

Are you getting frustrated watching your hair disappear? You need a long-lasting hair-restoration solution. Long-lasting hair growth can be yours with the help of the ARTAS follicle-grafting technique! When hairs are moved from the back of the head to the bare or thinning regions of the scalp, they will stay healthy and keep growing in […]

Eyebrow Transplant in Boca Raton

There are several reasons that can contribute to thinning or complete loss of eyebrow hair. Most people don’t realize how important their eyebrows are to their appearance until they are compromised or lost altogether. Dr. Glenn Charles is a specialist in hair restoration of all forms and in all locations and offers eyebrow transplant surgery […]

ARTAS vs. NeoGraft —Follicular Unit Excision

In the early years of Follicular Unit Excision, doctors would use manual devices that took a team of about eight to ten members to get the job done. Even with this big of a team, the process would take several hours to complete. These days, however, you can receive hair-restoration treatment that delivers impeccable results […]

ARTAS Follicle Harvesting – vs. Hair Plugs Boca Raton

One older method of hair restoration was the hair plug method. Our ARTAS follicle grafting makes hair plugs a thing of the past. With the specific technique involved in our ARTAS follicle harvesting, results look natural and healthy. The technique behind hair plugs involves the harvesting of large groupings of follicles from other parts of […]

Laser Hair Therapy – Boca Raton Non-Invasive

Hair loss is a frustrating and difficult experience. Many patients who are looking to regrow hair do not want to undergo invasive hair-restoration procedures. To help these patients regrow hair, we offer state-of-the-art non-invasive non-surgical laser hair therapy. One of the effects of this procedure is that it boosts the scalp’s blood supply. Even a […]

High-Tech Hair Restoration — Boca Raton ARTAS

High-Tech Hair Restoration

It is an unfortunately fact that about two-thirds of all men will experience male-pattern hair loss at some point in their lifetime. This puts the scope of the problem into perspective in a significant way. Thankfully, Dr. Glenn Charles offers ARTAS high-tech hair restoration treatment that can eliminate male-pattern baldness using the patient’s very own […]

ARTAS Preparation – Donor Area Boca Raton

Are you interested in getting back that full head of hair with ARTAS? A bit of preparation will be needed to get you the best results possible. Part of ARTAS preparation is trimming down the hair in the donor area. It is necessary to cut this hair for a couple reasons. Having shorter hair in […]

Facial Hair Transplants — Boca Raton Techniques

Facial Hair Transplants

Beards are back in fashion. Have you always wanted facial hair but struggle to achieve an even or full grow? Many men desire a full beard but simply can’t grow the type of beard worth showing off. Facial hair transplants offer these men new hope. Using the same transplant techniques used to add hair to […]

ARTAS Procedure Time – Boca Raton Hair Restoration

More and more patients every day are finding out about the benefits of ARTAS hair restoration firsthand. If you are interested in the ARTAS hair treatment, you might like to learn what your projected ARTAS procedure time will be. In order to ensure that patients receive proper scalp coverage, the follicle grafts must be harvested […]

Hair Growth – ARTAS Treatment Results Boca Raton

For men who are suffering from hair loss, ARTAS hair-restoration treatment is a miracle of medical technology. Many patients are curious about when they will start to experience hair growth following treatment. Once your hair grafts have been implanted in their new locations, they will gradually develop their own blood supply. As this occurs, hair […]

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