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Is FUE the better hair transplant technique for the hairline

Question:I am 43 and interested in a hair transplant to fill in my hairline. So far I do not need any work done on the crown. Is FUE really the better hair transplant technique for working on the front of the hairline or at all? If so, why? Answer:I agree that work should be done […]

I am trying to decide between FUE and FUG

Question:I am trying to decide between FUE and FUT. I like the idea of having less scarring but I have heard that it is not exactly true that the donor area looks untouched with FUE and that excision marks would be visible if you shave your head. Is this true? Answer:It is true that there […]

Is Propecia more effective than Rogaine?

Question:From what I have read on the internet it seems like Propecia is much more effective than Rogaine for stopping hair loss. Is this true? Answer:Rogaine or the generic minoxidil and Propecia which is finasteride are two very different medications. First of all, Propecia is a medication that can only be obtained by getting a […]

How long do pimples last after a hair transplant

Question:How long do pimples last after a hair transplant? Can anything be done to get rid of them sooner or to prevent them? Answer:The small pimple-like lesions that occur following hair transplantation procedures are generally referred to as folliculitis. They are small areas of inflammation around the actual hair follicle that can cause a small […]

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