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The ARTAS® Robotic System of hair transplantation is described as one of the 21st Century’s greatest innovations in Hair Restoration surgery by many of the top surgeons in this field of medicine. This system of restoring hair loss provides unprecedented precision, control and reproducibility.

The ARTAS® system visualizes the area targeted for harvesting hair follicles using stereo digital imaging that map the coordinates of angle orientation of the follicular unit. The ARTAS® also compensates for even the smallest amount of patient movement.

This method of harvesting hair follicles for transplant allows Dr. Glenn M. Charles complete control of the harvesting process. The ARTAS® precise technique is much more accurate than other available FUE methods enabling him to obtain higher quality follicular unit grafts in a much more efficient manner. This ultimately will lead to a higher graft survival rate and better overall results.

Precise and professional…

My overall experience was great. Dr. Charles was easy to talk to, precise and professional. I felt very comfortable. The results are fantastic, just as I wanted, and people ask me what I did to change my hairstyle without being able to accurately take a guess (i.e. new hair cut, etc.). I don’t tell them because I feel that it is a private matter, of course. I do want to add that I did experience significant ‘shock loss’ which I was not prepared for, emotionally speaking. It occurred about two or three weeks after surgery and took about two months to grow back completely with the added surplus from the surgery.If I am heading down to Boca, I will call in advance to see if we can do some follow up photos. Joe

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