Minimally Invasive Treatment with ARTAS Hair Transplants Boca Raton

If you are looking for a minimally invasive treatment to combat your hair loss problems, then you should consider ARTAS® Hair Transplant System. The ARTAS® Hair Transplant System is a minimally invasive procedure wherein special image-guided computer-assistance is provided to a trained surgeon in order to enhance the quality of hair follicle harvesting. It is a pioneering technological innovation which makes use of sophisticated robotics to treat androgen tic alopecia, or male pattern baldness.

The ARTAS® Hair Transplant System is a minimally invasive surgery that has become increasingly popular over the years, due to its minimal downtime and natural-looking results. The ARTAS® System has been known to achieve higher hair re-growth rates than any other traditional hair transplant techniques. Some of the features of ARTAS® System include:

  • The transplant of grafts that are structurally sound and known to increase the survival rates when transplanted from a donor area to an affected area.
  • A minimally invasive hair transplant system
  • The risk of donor harvesting site hypopigmentation is reduced through small dissecting punches.
  • Transection rates are reduced with the help of high resolution imaging technologies.
  • A patient’s musculoloskeletal discomfort is reduced through reduced donor harvesting time, thereby offering a treatment procedure that is minimally invasive.

How the ARTAS® System Works

With ARTAS®, the minimally invasive technology Boca Raton, healthy, robust hair grafts are produced. Dr. Glenn Charles, an expert in the field of Restoration Robotics, uses this pioneering dissection technology to help minimize follicular transection rates, which result in higher re-growth rates.

In the technologically advanced computerized ARTAS® System, a two-needle system is used, a sharp, bi-beveled inner needle which is contained inside an outer blunt dissection punch. The smaller needle scores the scalp’s surface and the outer punch enters into the scalp, thus separating the remaining tissue from the follicular unit.

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The ARTAS® System is preferred over other traditional hair transplanting methods due to the fact that it is much quicker. In addition to that, a patient’s recovery time with the ARTAS® System, is only a few days, whereas with traditional procedures, a patient could be recovering for a couple of weeks.

About Dr. Glenn Charles

Dr. Glenn Charles specializes in hair restoration techniques that are minimally invasive, such as ARTAS®. He is a Fellow of its Hair Restoration Surgery Examination Committee and a faculty lecturer at the ISHRS annual conference.

He is an academic who is active in several medical societies including, International Society of Cosmetic Laser Surgeons, The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), and The American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery. Several of Dr. Glenn Charles’ articles are regularly published in the Hair Transplant Forum International.

Dr. Charles uses minimally invasive procedures to restore hair growth in patients. His commitment is towards offering each patient the individual attention they need. This is why, generally, Dr. Charles performs only one surgery a day.